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Register Now! It's free and totally awesome!

Register Now! It's FREE! (and totally awesome!)

  • Improve your work by receiving quality reviews of your stories, poetry, articles, and essays
  • Learn to better critique and improve your work by critiquing work to which you are not emotionally attached
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  • Relieve stress by participating in your writing group when it is convenient for you
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Did we mention it's free?  Because it is. Yes, really!

Did we mention it's free? Because it is. Yes, really!


Get Reviewed

Do you want impartial peer feedback? Do friends and family ever tell you what they really think about your writing? Sign up for an account (which is completely free) and get guaranteed peer reviews. For every 4 reviews you do you will receive 3 peer reviews. You may repeatedly re-submit to get continuous peer feedback as you improve your submission.

You'll also have a chance to rate the reviews you receive and let the reviewers know how useful their critiques are. Through this we learn who your peers are in order to match you up with others who are as helpful and detailed as you in their reviews.

Be a Reviewer

Many top educators agree that one of the most effective ways to learn and truly master something is to teach it to others. In a classroom that experience is hard to simulate and often feels contrived; peer reviews on Review Fuse however give you the opportunity to have an authentic and valuable teaching experience.

Nearly anyone can read, watch, view, or hear something created by another and say if they like it or not, but when pressed for reasons why they often stumble for an explanation. Review Fuse helps you learn to teach by providing "guided review" frameworks that walk you through each element of the work you're reviewing.