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Flash Fiction Writing Contest - November 2010

This contest will open September 15, 2010.

Purpose: Have fun, enjoy the competition, and become a better author by participating in the peer critique process portion of this contest. Learn more about flash fiction.

Who Can Enter: This contest is open to all authors. All submissions must be posted and assigned critiques completed by November 30, 2010. Entries must be 1000 words or fewer. You may post additional stories to this site for critique, but only one story  will be eligible for the contest.

Subject Matter: Something creative and fresh. The flash fiction should adhere to our content policy.

Prizes: The winner of this contest will receive $100.

How to Enter: It’s pretty easy

  1. Create a free account or sign in for existing members.
  2. Upload your story; make sure you select “Flash Fiction Writing Contest” as the category.
  3. Submit your work for peer critique.
  4. Complete your assigned reviews. This is discussed more below.

Decisions: There will be 2 rounds of judging.

  1. Authors from the Review Fuse staff will select the 3 best works for Round 2.
  2. Of these 3 works selected, Review Fuse management will select the winning authors based on who gave the most detailed and well thought out critiques to their peer’s.

Entry Fee: There are no entry fees or purchases of any kind required to enter and win the contest. After you submit your work to the contest you will be required to complete assigned critiques of other authors (4 for free members and 2 for premium members). You will receive 3 critiques of your work in return. Those who do not complete their critiques will not be eligible to win the contest.

Rights: All stories remain the sole property of the author. After we have selected the winner we will seek permission from the author to publish the winning work on our blog. The author is under no obligation to allow this.

Notification: The prize winner will be notified by email on December 15, 2010. We will announce the prize winner on our blog on December 20, 2010.

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5 Responses to “Flash Fiction Writing Contest - November 2010”

  1. Deana Says:

    Well this is exciting!
    Flash fiction is my favorite style to write, and Review Fuse has always had such fun contests.

    I tried submitting my piece this aft, but there was no section to upload for the category selections (like in the past).
    Has a folder not been created for this contest yet?
    Or am I just not seeing it?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Steve Says:


    The category is now there. Thank you for alerting us to it not being there. I am glad you enjoy the contests, we will try to keep them going.

  3. Yann Says:

    Hey there! Since I live in another country (AKA Singapore), I was wondering if I was eligible for the prize if I enter the competition. Sorry if this is written somewhere, but I missed it!

  4. Rebelhart Says:

    I have posted a story for this and completed my required reviews but my story is still not listed with the other entries. THere are only 10 there and they never seem to change. Plus one author has two posted for the contest but the rules state only one entry per person, so I am a bit confused.

  5. Rory Says:

    I’m very interested to see who the winner is for this. (Since I didn’t get THE email, myself. :o)) When will results be available?

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